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Audio News Release

An Audio News Release, or ANR, is a scripted one-minute news story featuring a professional voice over and/or your spokesperson that is played on radio news programs.

This ready to use news is distributed to thousands of stations yielding millions to your target audience.



  • Project Consultation to develop strategy, shape storylines and select voiceover talent.


  • Production includes scripting, studio session for audio recording of voiceover and/or spokesperson, editing, EQ and final mix.

  • Studio recording session is run by our producer, director and sound engineer.

Notification & Media Relations

  • Write media alert.

  • Email notification to top 3,000 radio stations based on market, wattage and audience size.

  • Direct pitching.


  • Direct pitching to networks to attain placement on their daily news feeds. Our distribution hits 9 major networks and their affiliate stations.

  • Secured Placement on multiple networks with 500+ stations, 11+ million in audience figure.

  • In addition to the network distribution, we also send MP3s of the Audio News Release directly to over 3,000 individual assignment editors including a custom built list that focuses on your key targets.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Comprehensive usage reports include a summary of networks, number of affiliates, number of independent stations, markets covered, dates, times, city, state, call letters, frequency and weekly cume audience figures.

  • Your Audio News Release final report is provided a week after the distribution as the airings have to be confirmed.

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