B-Roll Production & Distribution

    For your B-Roll Production and Distribution, Megaphone combines Award-winning production and the most robust distribution in the industry.

    The sky is the limit with a good story’s distribution. Megaphone’s experience takes a good story to great and a great story to everywhere.

    Consultation & Strategy

    • Identify key visuals to build a visually appealing news story and establish message points.

    • Write a compelling media alert and identify target markets.


    • Our production team captures the visual elements and sound bites that best represent your company and the news story being told through the B-Roll.

    • Our post-production team assembles the elements into a standard 5-minute package, complete with graphics, lower thirds and the necessary slates.

    • Turnaround for production and distribution can be the same day for breaking news.

    • Getting soundbites in both English and Spanish is highly recommended. The Hispanic media will add placements and audience figure.

    Notification & Media Relations

    • E-mail Notification reaches thousands of assignment editors addressed by their first name.

    • Press release to over 10,000 media contacts.
      Direct telephone pitching and follow up to top 50 DMA’s, networks and news feeds.


    • 2 dedicated 15 minute satellite feeds, three passes of a 5 minute video loop of your B-Roll.

    • Up to 20 hard copies for requesting stations and 12 automatic sends which include national feeds and key stations that routinely take our content.

    • We include a link within the email notification to broadcast quality B-Roll. 

    • Edit/script/voice a :60 second standalone piece for secured placements, web sites and blogs.

    Tracking & Reporting

    • Daily reports for 13 weeks tracked with Critical Mention and Internet Monitoring.

    • B-Roll reports include station identification, network affiliation, market rank, airdates, times, segment lengths, audience figures and advertising equivalency value. Web placements have a screen grab of the site, date posted and audience figure.