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Barry Mansfield

Educational Expert

In additional to working with Megaphone Media, Barry Mansfield is currently the Director of Education of the CyberSmart! Education Company, which fosters 21st century skills to increase student engagement and prepares students to achieve in today's digital society.

His hands-on expertise in the areas of educational technology and instructional design have made him an invaluable resource as a coach and mentor to hundreds of teachers in dozens of schools and classrooms worldwide. Barry also directed programs for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology in Education Consortium (MAR*TEC) at Temple University's Center for Research in Human Development and Education (TUCRHDE), one of ten federally funded regional education laboratories. While at MAR*TEC Barry designed, implemented, and evaluated instructional technologies, Web resources, videos, and online tools for K-12 teachers and students to help them successfully infuse technologies into classrooms. During his time with MAR*TEC, Barry also co-created the innovative and acclaimed Reflection Connection, an online collaboration tool for teachers.

At Megaphone Media, Barry works with everything from producing educational content, syllabi, web design architecture, and performance evaluations. He has been integral with clients such as Winning Plays, the financial literacy campaign/online working environment. Barry holds a master's in education degree from Temple University and in another life was Academic Director at the Caledonian School, the premier language institution in Prague, Czech Republic. He is currently earning a doctorate in educational technology at the University of Delaware.

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