Healthcare Audio News Release

    If you have a healthcare story, you can put your message in front of a large audience with an Healthcare Audio News Release. Your ANR is placed on healthcare talk radio programs.

    This "ready to use news" is distributed to 5 syndicated news programs that focus on healthcare yielding 37M+ in audience figure.



    • Project Consultation to develop strategy, shape storylines and select voiceover talent.


    • Production includes scripting, studio session for audio recording of voiceover and/or spokesperson, editing, EQ and final mix.

    • Studio recording session is run by our producer, director and sound engineer.


    • Direct pitching to networks targeting their healthcare programs.

    • Secured Placement for your Audio News Release on multiple networks on a minimum of 400 affiliate stations:

      • BizTalk Radio, America's Healthcare Advocate, 3,036,600 CUME

      • Mayo Clinic Radio, Mayo Clinic Radio, 3,525,984 CUME

      • Better Health Network, The Dr. Bob Martin Show, 4,311,972 CUME

      • Project Health Radio, Project Health, 9,474,192 CUME

      • Radio America, Good Day Health, 17,004,960 CUME

    • Total guaranteed audience figure is 37M+ Weekly Cume. In the final report Megaphone will also provide Average Quarterly Hour(AQH) audience figures, you have a choice on which metrics to use for your own reporting.

    • In addition to the network distribution, we also send MP3s directly to over 3,000 individual assignment editors to a custom built list that focuses on your key healthcare targets.

    Tracking & Reporting

    • Comprehensive usage reports for your Healthcare Audio News Release include a summary of networks, number of affiliates, number of independent stations, markets covered, dates, times, city, state, call letters, frequency and weekly cume audience figures.

    • The Audio News Release final report is provided a week after the distribution as the airings have to be confirmed.