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Business/Financial Audio News Release

If you have a business story, you can put your message in front of a large audience with Business Audio News Release. Your ANR is placed on business talk radio programs.

This ready to use news is distributed to seven syndicated news programs that focus on business yielding 36M+ in audience figure.



  • Project Consultation to develop strategy, shape storylines and select voiceover talent.


  • Production includes scripting, studio session for audio recording of voiceover and/or spokesperson, editing, EQ and final mix.

  • Studio recording session is run by our producer, director and sound engineer.


  • Direct pitching to networks targeting their business programs.

  • Secured Placement on multiple networks on a minimum of 400 affiliate stations:

    • Radio America, Business Rockstars, 11,033,640 CUME

    • Compass Media Network, Market Report Scorecard, 9,218,088 CUME

    • Made In America, Made In America, 4,131,000 CUME

    • Talk Radio Network, Watchdog on Wallstreet, 3,304,800 CUME

    • Entrepreneur Radio Network, Entrepreneur Radio, 2,798,388 CUME

    • BizTalk Radio Network, Executive Leaders, 3,207,600 CUME

    • Westwood One, Equity Strategies, 3,110,400 CUME

  • Total guaranteed audience figure is 36M+ Weekly Cume. In the final report Megaphone will also provide Average Quarterly Hour (AQH) audience figures, you have a choice on which metrics to use for your own reporting.

  • In addition to the network distribution, we also send MP3s directly to over 3,000 individual assignment editors to a custom built list that focuses on your key Business targets.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Your ANR has comprehensive usage reports that include a summary of networks, number of affiliates, number of independent stations, markets covered, dates, times, city, state, call letters, frequency and weekly cume audience figures.

  • The Business Audio News Release final report is provided a week after the distribution as the airings have to be confirmed.

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