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Electronic Press Kits

Your Electronic Press Kit, or EPK, houses all the elements of your multimedia campaign in one place.

The purpose of the EPK is to give the media all the tools to best tell your story.

A Multimedia News Release is simply an Electronic Press Kit with a wire distribution.


  • Strategize what the goal of the EPK is and what are the hooks.

  • For the video component, determine logistics to capture the message in one shoot day. Determine shot list, locations, dates, times and talent.

  • Gather collateral materials for the EPK, logos, photos, graphics, links to additional content---all to be hosted on a one page platform.

  • Write press release/media alert for client’s approval.


  • We have one shoot day to gather B-Roll, interviews, behind the scenes, photos, etc.

  • Four hours of editing time.

  • Through our hosting platform, all the elements are laid out in a graphically appealing, logical and organized HTML page.

  • Each EPK gets its own unique URL. The URL is not branded within a different vendor’s hosting platform.


  • If you want to turn your Electronic Press Kit into a multimedia news release, all that means is putting out the EPK over a wire service and/or creation of a custom media list, notification, pitching, tracking and reporting.

  • A multimedia news release is just a press release with media. The press release is distributed to over 10,000 media points, websites and blogs.

  • An additional 100 targeted media contacts and up to 300 from client’s list.

  • Monitoring entails web tracking and video download data to determine who is using your material.

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