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Everyone knows how much the "First Responders" have done to help us get through the COVID-19 pandemic. This PSA campaign is to say "Thank You" to the "Final Responders." Both a TV and complementary radio PSA blanketed and saturated the entire country. The radio PSA was simply an audio lift from the TV so the content was repurposed at minimal cost to the client.


A few top line results:

Total TV airings - 9886

Total estimated TV audience - 109,021,169

Total estimated TV media value - $6,069,204


Total radio airings - 2979

Total estimated radio audience - 11,399,584

Total estimated radio media value - $295,624


A few interesting facts about that week's TV performance.  

1) We had our PSA run on the Fox News Channel during Primetime.  According to Nielsen, the audience for this viewing was over 4 million people.  

2) We also had our PSA run on the Fox Business Channel

3) Our PSAs are still running in Madison, WI, which is the first market we aired on February 27, 2021.

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