Internet Media Tour

    An Internet Media Tour is a media tour conducted online.

    Large audience figures for major news sites and the ability to target your exact demographic-- make an IMT a great outlet to control your message.

    Consultation & Development

    • Define message points, identify target websites and blogs.

    • Consult on talent selection.

    • Develop strong media alert, including suggested questions.

    Notification & Media Relations

    • Creation of custom media list for your project. The list is a mixture of large mass market websites and blogs, along with target specific sites that pertain to your topic.

    • Blast HTML email personalized to each assignment editors’ first name.

    • Direct pitching to individual sites, usually starting four weeks in advance of the tour.

    • Daily updates on booking progress.

    • Megaphone starts pitching the top news sites, then targeted sites from a freshly generated media list, and work down. Our goal is to book between 6-25 interview.

    • Radio bookings to fill in gaps between interviews at no additional cost.


    • Entire tour is streamed live so that anyone can watch in real time.

    • A studio or remote production with on-site producer, all technical personnel, interview coordinator, one or two cameras, a fast internet connection, basic makeup and catering.

    • Because most websites are not set up as a production facility with editing facilities, the majority of the interviews are taped and the site is sent a link to download their interview.

    • Creation of a stand alone, edited piece that repurposes your interview into a voiced over news story. This stand alone piece will be sent to websites that request the story but are not set up for the Q&A format of an IMT. This aspect of the distribution is similar to how a generic interview is used with SMTs and for secured placements.

    Tracking & Reporting

    • Comprehensive usage reports – Updated daily as the interviews post.

    • Reports include the sites’ URL, date posted, screen grab of your story, and audience figure. Report includes both interviews and placements for the stand-alone “generic”.

    • History of interviews are available on a DVD, a downloadable link, or a hard drive.