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Internet Video Production & Distribution

The goal of an Online Video Production and Distribution is to get the video to go “viral”. It all starts with the video; it has to be compelling, creative content that people are going to want to “share”.

We build a media hub website where people will download the video. Through media relations, we are able to place or “seed” the video. Once your video is out, there is no ceiling on your campaign.


Consultation & Strategy

  • Identify key visuals to build a compelling story, determine talent needs, secure shooting locations and establish message points. Our creative team of writers and directors brainstorm with the client to craft a script that is going to make the websites want to pick up the video. PSAs, news stories and educational video are all good candidates to go viral.

  • Develop a compelling media alert and identify websites and blogs.


  • Before the shoot, we cast the talent, script and set the production schedule.

  • Each shoot day has a producer, director, two 4K cameras, and sound engineer.

  • Post production entails the edit, color correct, final sound mix, music, voice over and graphics.

Notification & Media Relations

  • Creation of a media list to reach not only the largest websites and blogs, but also to topic specific sites that are pertinent to your subject matter. A personalized HTML email notification is then blasted out with your media alert and links to your media hub.

  • Creation of an HTML site where all the video elements live: your video, logos, photos, soundbites, audio clips and a 400 word media alert. This “hub” is where we direct the media to get your content.

  • Your media hub also can function as a multimedia news release that goes out to over 10,000 media contacts as a press release over the wire with a link to the hub.

  • Direct telephone pitching and follow up to your custom built media list for three days of calls and follow up.


  • The distribution is completely digital and all directs the media to your hub so that they can use your content.

Tracking & Reporting

  • We know who downloads the video.

  • Included in the media list are TV and Radio’s website division. You will see a good bit of broadcast through your online distribution, which will be included in your reports.

  • Through Google Alerts we are notified when someone posts your content.

  • Reports include: URL, date posted, link to the content, audience figure and screen grabs of your placements.



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