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Production Services

A multiple Telly Award winning production team for a reason—
because of talent, creativity and hard work.

Each project is unique and we strive for “iconic” for each one.

We provide advertising level production at public relations budgets.

Good, fast, and inexpensive. They say you can only have two out of three. Megaphone gives you all three, every time.


PSAs + Commercials + Documentaries

  • Megaphone has proudly produced many Public Service Announcements that have helped organizations raise millions of dollars and branded awareness. We deliver these PSAs with the highest production value to ensure placement alongside expensive commercials does not seem out of place.

  • Our producers, directors and writers all have extensive backgrounds in commercial productions. Our creative and technical teams deliver exceptional production values with commercials at a reasonable price.

  • We have produced many award winning documentaries, from Rene Fleming’s PBS Christmas Special to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The father of Cinema Verite, Albert Maysales, was actually working with us on a Kieth Haring documentary when he died. Albert was our mentor.

  • Megaphone has led numerous campaigns for non profits to raise awareness, for membership recruitment and fundraising drives. Longer format documentaries show your organization in action and highlight case studies. Reach members and supporters to give them a close look at your important initiatives and the solutions you provide by telling your story.

  • “News You Can Use”, a scripted, stand alone news piece, then Megaphone handles the distribution or creates the ad buy.

Corporate, Educational and Instructional  Videos 

  • Compelling video and audio content is a necessity for a strong web presence. Megaphone’s writers and directors strategize how to best present the brand, and then we have our team to produce that vision.

  • For Broadcast, B-Roll of your organization should be available to the media for major announcements. Having your own B-Roll will increase chances of pickup. Stations also use your B-Roll during SMTs.

  • Megaphone helps organizations utilize video content for social media, product demonstrations, presentations, point of purchase promotions, trade show booths, road shows, ‘how to videos’, etc.

  • Educational Videos are highly effective tools for academic curriculums, employee training, product tutorials and life skills coaching. A “Webinar” is infinitely scalable. We even have experience producing American Sign Language videos. Megaphone Media has an expert in remote learning who helps develop the video curriculum along side the creative and production teams.

Animation/Motion Graphics

  • Over 70% of all video being produced today has some level of graphic animation.

  • Our animators are well versed in After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya and Max.

Audio Production

  • Radio PSA campaigns, commercials, Audio News Releases, podcasts, ‘Books On Tape’, voice overs, foreign language dubbing…. the list is extensive!

  • Our Music Director composes original music and deals with licensing other’s music. We have a massive sound library of music and Foley.

  • Based in NYC, Megaphone has access to great VO talent and world class studios

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