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Radio Media Tour

A Radio Media Tour, or RMT, includes strategy, notification, booking, production, transmission, and detailed reporting. Megaphone ensures a successful tour of 15-25 radio interviews.

Our tours routinely book multiple national networks, with audience figures starting at 7 million.


Consultation & Development

  • Define message points, identify target markets and consult on talent selection.

  • Develop strong media alert, including suggested questions. Stations will ask these questions verbatim. 

Notification & Media Relations

  • Personalized media alert emailed to thousands of assignment editors.

  • Direct one-on-one pitching to networks and individual radio stations until a full tour is booked.

  • Booking targets start with national networks, followed by regional networks, then top demographic stations/client specified markets and work through all 210 DMAs.

  • Daily updates on the booking progress.

  • Media relations/follow-up continues after the tour date to ensure that those interviews which are taped get aired. Megaphone has a conversion rate of nearly 100% for getting taped interviews aired.


  • Interviews with your spokesperson occur over any landline, basically a glorified conference call. Our producer and phone coordinator manage the interviews and paces your spokesperson.

  • Interviews are booked for a single day. If there are scheduling conflicts for some stations, alternative time slots can be accommodated off-tour depending on spokesperson availability.

  • Interviews are longer for radio than TV, up to ten minutes.    

Tracking & Reporting

  • Comprehensive booking and usage reports – updated daily. First report generated within 24 hours of the tour.

  • Reports include station call letters, market rank, Arbitron audience figures, air dates, and times.

  • History Tape of edited interviews is available through a digital download link.


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