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Radio Public Service Announcements

For your Radio Public Service Announcement, Megaphone combines  award-winning production and the most robust distribution in the industry assures the best return on investment in PR.

With potentially thousands of airings of your PSA, radio should be an integral part of your PSA campaign.   


Consultation & Development

  • Project consultation to determine objectives, identify ‘call to action’ plan, develop script, budget and advise on talent selection.


  • Our creative team comes up with “the big idea” to write a script that will stick with an audience.

  • Casting non-union talent from the deep pool of voice actors in NYC, working with your spokespeople and celebrities. 

  • Large library of sound effects, Foley, royalty free music as well as in-house composer.

  • World-class studio in midtown Manhattan.

  • All campaigns should consider having a Spanish version to tap into the Spanish Market and increase pickup.

  • The kits that are sent to stations have full color, 4-panel CD cover, CD replication, scripts, a “Dear PSA Director” letter on your letterhead, and a pre-stamped response card. Megaphone keeps a copy of the 501(c)3 form on file for requesting stations.

Notification & Media Relations

  • Custom built media list to reach your target markets.

  • Personalized email notification to 3,000+ assignment editors.

  • Pitching and follow up to the top fifty markets and national networks.


  • Stations still prefer hard copy PSA kits mailed to them. 

  • Two media lists: one for the stations to get hard copy kits, and another larger email list to Public Service Directors.

  • To compliment the physical distribution, there is also a digital distribution. In the notification email, there are trackable, downloadable MP3s of your PSA. This part of the distribution vastly increases your campaign’s reach.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Radio PSAs have monthly usage reports for one year generated from reply cards, verbal and email confirmations .

  • Radio Public Service Announcement reports include station, city, state, DMA, affiliate network, ad equivalency and Arbitron audience figures.

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