Satellite Media Tour

A Satellite Media Tour, or SMT, includes strategy, notification, booking, production, satellite transmission, and detailed reporting to ensure a successful tour of 12-25 TV interviews. Megaphone’s tours are all earned air interviews.

Our team has over twenty years of experience with SMTs. We advise you up front on how the tour will perform. If we don’t think that we can book it, we would not take on the project.

Consultation & Development

  • Define message points, identify target markets and consult on talent selection.

  • Develop strong media alert, including suggested questions. Stations usually ask these questions verbatim.

Notification & Media Relations

  • Mass personalized email notification to assignment editors.

  • Direct pitching to individual stations ideally starting four weeks in advance of the tour.

  • Daily updates on the booking progress.

  • Top 20 markets and syndicated programs initially targeted followed by lower markets. Target market list can be customized to clients desired demographics.


  • A studio or remote production with on-site producer, all technical personnel, phone coordinator, one or two cameras, satellite transmission and time, basic makeup and catering.

  • Seven hour booking window to accommodate East and West Coast stations.

  • B-roll is a recommended complement for an SMT. Stations want to roll into the interview with pertinent B-roll. If there is existing B-Roll, then there is a two-hour edit included. We can always shoot new B-Roll if none exists.

  • Recording of a generic interview to be used by stations that could not take the satellite feed.

  • Creation of an edited, stand-alone piece that can be used for paid placement options. 

  • Entire tour is streamed live so that anyone can watch in real time.

  • Extensive follow-up to make sure that taped interviews air. Megaphone has an industry leading conversion ratio of nearly 100% of taped interviews aired.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Comprehensive booking and usage reports – updated daily. First report generated within 24 hours of the Satellite Media Tour.

  • SMT reports include station call letters, market, network affiliations, market rank, Neilsen audience figures, airdates, and times.

  • Satellite Media Tour audience figures start at 9 million and go up from there.

  • History Tape of interviews on DVD and through a digital download link.