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TV Public Service Announcements

Award-winning production and the most robust distribution in the industry assures the absolute best return on investment in PR.

Once your PSA is in rotation, it is not a question of whether it will succeed or fail. The question is how big your win will be.

Consultation & Development

  • Project consultation to determine objectives, identify ‘call to action’, develop script and consult on talent selection.


  • Our creative team provides the “Big Idea” for the script and story boards.

  • 4K/HD video production (filming and editing) of :15, :30 and :60 second versions to music composed for your PSA.

  • All versions of PSA will have closed captioning.

  • To maximize your TV audience, a Spanish version of the PSA is recommended.

Notification & Media Relations

  • Custom distribution plan of target stations.

  • For the media lists, we build an HTML personalized mass email to the PSA Directors with trackable, downloadable video of the PSAs.

  • One-on-one pitching to stations receiving hard copies in two rounds: the initial notification and follow up one month after delivery.


  • Creation of customized distribution “kit:”. All elements of your campaign live on a microsite housing the TV spots, logo and scripts. a copy of the 501(c)3 form, “Dear PSA Director” letter.

  • Three dedicated pitch days, two for the initial release and one for followup.

  • There is no need for hardcopies any longer. Megaphone uses two digital distribution processes. One resource is a platform that is meant to deliver advertising to stations and we use this platform for our PSAs. We also use our own data base to both pitch and distribute the digital kits.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Weekly updated online reporting based on raw data from SIGMA, a division of Neilsen.

  • Megaphone’s reporting goes way beyond date of airings, DMA, call letters, network affiliation, audience figures and advertising dollar equivalency. We drill down so far as to include which program the PSA aired within, key demographics and heat maps to analyze your airings.

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