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Webcasting & Webinars

Webcasts and Webinars allow you to interact with your audience.

Whether you are having a press conference, announcing quarterly earnings, or doing an educational seminar, Megaphone manages the production, the video conferencing,  and Q&A to a limitless audience.



  • Megaphone uses Google Hangouts On Air as the video conferencing platform. This program provides the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real time. As part of the project management, we set up the player and embed it into your website.

  • Build registration page for audience login access (if requested).

  • Manage email registrants, set up instant messaging for Q&A.

  • Ensure in advance venue has proper connectivity.

  • Site survey and testing day before the event.

  • Determine production logistics of the shoot, number of speakers, number of cameras, switcher, etc.


  • The difference of using Megaphone is the professional production of the video. You can use your computer’s camera and your production is going to look like you are on a Skype call. Production value and a team of experts assures a smooth, professional presentation every time.

  • Megaphone either provides camera crew (Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Sound Engineer) and production equipment, or takes the signal from an in-house crew.

  • Project Management includes managing the sharing of documents, synchronization of presentation slides, and the Q&A.

  • High resolution onsite encoding service. Onsite tech to run the encoder (connection between the video signal and the web).

  • 1000+ simultaneous viewers, scaleable as needed.

  • See the attendance and number of people watching in real time.

  • Transcription of the webcast for client use.

  • Webcast and Webinars are archived for 90 days or indefinitely on your YouTube Chanel.

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